History of La Salle PJ

The origins of SMK La Salle PJ is closely associated with the establishment of Petaling Jaya as a satellite town to absorb the growing population at Kuala Lumpur. The new housing estates which began to mushroom in the 1950s required an infrastructure of social services. On 2 April 1956, Brother Lawrence Spitzig, who was then Director of St. John’s took a historic step by applying for a piece of land in Petaling Jaya on which to erect a school run by Christian brothers. The vision at that time was to acquire a ten-acre site on which to erect a primary school, with a secondary school to follow later.

The first phase of the building was merely 6 classrooms and the office block. The first secondary classes started in January 1962 when 3 classes with the amount of 120 students and 4 teachers. As the population grew so did the pressure for places in existing schools, so on 15 July 1959, Brother Lawrence made yet another request for permission to commence work on the construction of six classrooms (now known to all PJ Lasallians as the ‘Old Block’) to house primary classes which had launched La Salle PJ on the educational scene in January 1959. Several fundraising projects were held in hope of raising enough funds for a new block and extended laboratories. A new building completed in 2003 was to replace the Old Block.

Standing in place of the Old Block is a two-story New Block. This building houses a total of 10 classes, 2 workshops, a large surau, and the long-awaited computer labs.

Principals of La Salle PJ Secondary School

Reverend Brother Cronan Curran FSCReverend Brother Philip Callaghan FSC
1963 – 19651965 – 1967
Reverend Brother Lawrence Spitzig FSCReverend Brother Felix James Donohue FSC
1967 – 19751975 – 1988
Dr. Wong Sin MongPn.Hajah Ramlah Hasan
1988 – 19921992 – 1999
Pn. Siti Nor MohamedMr. A. Rajenthran
1999 – 20032003 – 2008
Pn. P. VasuthevanPn.Chong Ah Loi
2009 – 20112011 – 2015
Pn.Teo Boon HwaEn. Ganapathy Bass
2015 – 20192019 – 2020